IROS'16: " Experimental Results on Multi-Contact Interaction with the Walk-Man Robot"

IROS'16: "Preparatory Object Reorientation for Task-Oriented Grasping"

IROS'16: "Detecting Object Affordances with Convolutional Neural Networks"

WALK-MAN DRC Video Collection

Comparison between a CoM based walking and a Pelvis based walking while moving the arm.

Meet the humanoid bot made to tackle emergency situations

DRC Preparation WALKMAN Garage Timelapse

DRC Challenge Team Walkman Timelapse

WALK-MAN robot using Handle Detection to Grasp a Novel Object

Optically-Regulated Impedance-Based Balancing for Humanoid Robots (COMAN)

Walkman robot rejecting external disturbances

Balancing strategies using simplified models on Walkman robot

OpenSoT: a Whole-Body Control Library for the Compliant Humanoid Robot COMAN

Self Collision Avoidance constraint during Tele-Operation

Balancing strategies using simplified models on COMAN robot



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FP7 European Project

frameworks programme 7 EU European Community WALK-MAN is funded under the European Community's 7th Framework Programme: FP7-ICT 611832. Cognitive Systems and Robotics: FP7-ICT-2013-10